OSCAR Stowage Bag

Easy transport with handles or shoulder strap
Stow complete unit in our OSCAR Stowage Bag

Our OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy has been helping mariners practice man-overboard drills for over a decade. We have finally secured a high-quality source for a stowage bag that holds up to the durability and functionality of the training unit. Made of high-quality products and manufactured in the USA, the OSCAR Stowage Bag is available now exclusively from Emerald Marine Products. For a limited time, customers of OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy can buy the stowage bag for $150, including free shipping. To purchase the bag, simply click on the link below or telephone us at 800-426-4201.

A short video showing stowage of complete OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy.

This durable, easy-to-carry OSCAR stowage bag is ideal for stowage and transport of the OSCAR – Water Rescue Training Dummy. The bag is made out of wire mesh material to resist the marine environment breakdown of normal materials and encases the entire OSCAR dummy so no break-down is needed. 

The large U-Shape opening allows for easy “drop-in” loading of the entire OSCAR, no need to disassemble the unit for stowage or transport. Heavy-duty YKK zippers effortlessly encase the entire OSCAR unit inside the bag. This bag has a large center compartment for storing fill-nozzle and other useful training items. Two rubber grip handles sewn on ends allow carrying to be comfortable and stable. The nylon webbing shoulder strap makes transport of the OSCAR convenient and ergonomically safe. The bag’s wire mesh material is easy to wash.

This bag is big, bold, durable and can take the abuse of life on the boat and on the docks.

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