OSCAR in action

OSCAR is being used by C-Hero to demonstrate their C-Hero Lift™.

OSCAR was used as a couple of adults testing a water slide.

OSCAR – Water Rescue Training Dummy being used by Atlantic Beach Rescue team in conjunction with Nassau Police Department.

Used by the US Coast Guard, Municipalities, and Rescue Training Organizations, and companies committed to proper safety training of water rescue procedures.


See the OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy in action. From vehicle rescues to C-Hero Lift™ rescues, this rescue mannequin is ideal for many different training procedures. Because the OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy is made without sharp edges, it’s easy to outfit in dry suits and personal flotation devices for a more realistic training session. From man-overboard situations to swift water scenarios, many companies in an array of industries use the OSCAR rescue mannequin to ensure proper water rescue training. To find out how OSCAR can benefit your rescue teams, please call 1-800-426-4201 or contact us online.