The OSCAR rescue mannequin can be assembled to reach 6 feet in height. A vital piece of man-overboard and swift water rescue equipment, this training dummy is comprised of extremely tough vinyl impact bladders and stainless-steel joints. A galvanized shackle allows the dummy to be lifted from the shoulder. OSCAR is easily assembled and disassembled using standard 15/16-inch open, box, or socket wrenches.

The dry storage weight of the OSCAR mannequin is 35 pounds. Before use, the bladders are filled with fresh or salt water from a deck hose. When properly filled, OSCAR weighs approximately 180 pounds. You can alter the weight for training purposes by only filling some of the water bladders. OSCAR’s arms and head will float but the remaining body will be immersed into the water, replicating a water rescue victim. Because there are no protruding or rough edges, you can outfit OSCAR with a personal flotation device, dry-suit, or leave as is. OSCAR’s default color is Forest Green, but for high visibility purposes, OSCAR can be ordered in Orange. After training use, the bladders can be drained for transport and stowage.

Because OSCAR’s weight must accurately represent an adult victim, it’s important to fill the vinyl impact bladders near the testing area. OSCAR floats at chest level like a human, and at 180 pounds, it provides a very realistic size and weight. This gives potential rescuers the adequate experience they need to properly recover and transport victims. This important piece of man-overboard and swift water rescue equipment can withstand repetitive drops overboard from any realistic height for years of water rescue training.

OSCAR is manufactured from high-quality components in the United States. The construction comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

To view video and photos of OSCAR – Water Rescue Training Dummy used for swift water rescue training, research projects, or many other types of training exercises requiring a adult body without risking an actual adult, visit our OSCAR In Action webpage.